Cost to run solo?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by grassbusterdesigns, Oct 14, 2013.

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    I may be the only exception for this. When I was a younger man I worked for a boss that treated us so good and motivated and paid us so well that we wanted to work as if it were our own business.

    He used to say, I want to pay you guys so good that you can't leave, even if you hate me. But of course I left anyway. I wish that I stayed there back then. I would probably have a nice easy drive around and check on the guys job by now:laugh:. Hindsite=20/20.
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    I didn't bother reading what everyone else said but make sure you figure in that because you are working solo you are paying yourself instead of an employee. So if you Payed a guy 10 a hr then make sure you considering every hr you work as a 15 a hr expense to the business. Then deduct your salary for being the owner ontop of that. When you mix business profit and personal profit the numbers look really good. For me it cost my business 300ish a day to operate if I include paying myself. If not then Ya 120-150 a day.
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