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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by user123, Jan 1, 2007.

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    Looking to establish a new front and backyard. 1.5 acres of space. Have been pricing all the different seed types and don't think I will be going with Princess-77 for the entire acreage, if at all.

    What is recommened Bermuda for a good "cost versus appearance" tradeoff? I am not using my yard for the PGA Golf Championships, but I do want a nice look to the yard, strong enough for the local kids to play Nerf football and not tear the grass up.

    Should I just buy the bags of Common Bermuda at Lowes? Will this be fine for my purposes? I can pay a little more for better quality but I am not Warren Buffett either.

    Thanks and Happy New Year
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    Wow, I have a bunch of questions that you need to answer for me to help you.
    Is your place irrigated?
    How much top soil has been imported on the site?
    What amount of foot traffic do you expect on your site?
    How much sunshine/shade is on the site?
    Bear in mind that seeding here in Texas means a decent turf site will take as much as three years to establish properly. Our climate is hot, dry, with excessive sunshine throughout most of the year.
    Provided you do have an irrigation system, I would recommend sprigging as an economical alternative to seed or sod. Presuming you have enough soil over the ever present rocks.
    If you are stuck on seeding, call Douglas Seeds in San Antonio as they have the best prices on turf-type Bermudagrass seed. Also they carry much more varieties than any box store and may very easily have a species of Bermudagrass ideal for your environment. Remember, not all grass species from seed is the same, take the time to speak to a supplier for your best choices.
    One more point, germination rate/percentages on C4 turfgrass seed is one of the most important points to consider when buying seed. Often the box stores will have lower germination rate/percentages from a species which may not be the best for your particular site.
    A good tip would be to have a soil sample completed prior to speaking with a seed supplier as they should ask you specific questions about your site.
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    Yes get the cheap stuff.
    I guess you got the irrigation in so wait until the temp get to 90F and sow the the meantime keep it cut very very low to reduce the amount of weeds a little.

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