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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by smokeat, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. smokeat

    smokeat LawnSite Member
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    Hello all, new homeowner with a 1/2 acre to maintain in Southern California. My land is partial hillsides, and was poorly maintained while property went through foreclosure. I used this site to help me decide on which mower to purchase(Honda HRX217HXA). I saw a line trimmer at Costco yesterday, a Swisher E4-S3000. After researching the unit on the web, it seems to be a good deal at $250. Not sure I need this good of a trimmer, but I hate to buy stuff which is inadequate or fails prematurely, such as the lesser models of top quality brands made specifically for big box home improvement stores. Also, buying from Costco gets their unbeatable return policy. Would really appreciate some quick feedback as they only had about 5 in stock, and I would not count on more stock this season. Thanks to all who reply, and to all who helped me choose my mower.
  2. capnrob97

    capnrob97 LawnSite Member
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    They have the E4-S4000 here for $199.

    It is a good deal for me, I bought it and the hedge trimmer for the same price.
  3. dwost

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    The Swisher is a rebadged Shindaiwa. It would be a great choice and should last you quite a long time with routine maintenance.
  4. smokeat

    smokeat LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the input. I bought the Swisher, and after talking to the local shops I think I will take it back(unused). They have not heard of Swisher, and although it is a rebadged Shindiawa ordering parts or doing warranty work would be difficult or impossible. Seems that I will be better off buying something more common in the Southern Cali area. Stihl, Echo, Kawasaki, & Shindiawa 2 stroke trimmers are locally popular. I like the characteristics of the hybrid engine, but it has been out for 8 years and most pros still use 2 strokes. Really could use some suggestions from experienced users on which models are most reliable and strongest, while still in the price range of $250 to $350. Am looking at the professionals forums for guidance as well.
  5. Hoss27

    Hoss27 LawnSite Member
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    The Swisher is a 2-stroke.
  6. capnrob97

    capnrob97 LawnSite Member
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    The way they describe it, it is a 4 stroke but you still mix the oil with the gas.
  7. rwaters

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    the swisher is a 4mix basically a 4cycle with 2cycle oil. you will find a lot of LCOs even that have 4mix trimmers and don't know they are not running a 2cycle engine. And I would avoid a re-branded trimmer they might be hard to get parts for as the breakdowns will be hard to find and swisher is really hard to get parts for and deal with from a dealers point of view.

    4mix trimmers have been out a few years though if your looking at that. Mainly Stihl, Echo and Shindaiwa. They have been holding up well with little more then valve adjustments required, I still see the weight to power ratio being higher in a commercial trimmer like Redmax though being better. And the 2cycle trimmers have fewer moving parts lowering your chance of failure.
  8. Hoss27

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    I apologize, it is a 4 cycle that uses mix.
    I bought the edger today, $200 at costco. All I have to say to the people that insist you can't get a good clean edge unless you use a dedicated edger... BS. I bought it for clean-ups and to see what I was missing. After 5-10 minutes with it, I can honestly say it won't see much use as there is not much difference. Now if I could only find a costco that has the trimmer :D
  9. capnrob97

    capnrob97 LawnSite Member
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    I don't know why different Costcos sell different Swishers.

    Here they sell the string trimmer and hedger trimmer.

    I would have bought the Swisher stick edger if they sold it here, went with an Echo edger instead.
  10. fldaves

    fldaves LawnSite Member
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    Just to update this thread, Costco now has the E4-S3000 trimmer @ 99.97 and the E4-E3000 edger @ 79.97(clearance price) . And they are going fast as resellers have found this bargin for the shindaiwa powered tools!

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