Costs of Hiring Employees

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by ky-lawn-guy, Feb 10, 2006.

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    I currently have about 60 lawns i take care of and I will be graduating college in May> After graduating i am trying to decide if i want to continue mowing full time or get another job and continue this part time. My question is about hiring employees; i would probably only have one person working working about 30 hours a week, not driving the vehicle. 1) What is involved in workers compensation? 2) Payroll takes? 3) Liability? for an operation like this? I just need to know how to go about this the legal way so that i am covered? (I live in Kentucky)
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    Every state is different and I currently was inquiring the same about employees. As I said each state is probably a little different but my brother-in-law has a $12.00/hour employee which after all is factored in costs him approximately 23-25 per hour. Makes you want to rethink it huh?
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    you have to make sure you really are makig enough money per man hour to justify employees..... plus the steal and break stuff..
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    Workers comp insurance comes out of your pocket,it usually is determined by what your gross payroll is .Unemployment comes out of your pocket determended by your experience rate .Half of fica comes out of your pocket.As far as getting set-up for payroll taxes, you will need a fein, an account with your states department of employment security, for employee unemployment .And probably an account with your state to pay in state withholding for the employee.

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    My workers comp is 3.8%

    My costs are about 27% (total) above pay -So a guy getting $10 per will cost me $12.70

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