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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by guntruck, Feb 14, 2001.

  1. guntruck

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    Ok i've tried and tried but i cant seem to come up with any good numbers for costs on my equipment. Mainly i guess because we havent really used our equipment that much beings we started late in the season last year... This is what i have:
    61" Great Dane ztr 25 hp kohler
    32" Scag w/b belt
    52" Toro w/b belt
    shindaiwa trimmers
    shindaiwa edgers
    shindaiwa back pack blowers
    18 ft trailer
    1995 dodge ram 2500 diesel

    Now, would anyone have anything similar that has figured out there operating costs? Im looking for help on about how much its really gonna cost me to run these things per hour individually. I am desparate for help on this specific issue. I have read all the posts and threads but i cant substitute those for experiance ie: it costs 5$ to run the scag for 8 hours? These are the things im looking for just the costs if anyone can help me.

    Thank You

  2. Eric ELM

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    Rich, the 25 Hp will use about 1.25 gallons an hour of running time, the W/B should use about 3 quarts an hour, the 2 cycles will use about 2.5 gallon a week. I hope this will help.
  3. SpringValley

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    I just did this myself this past year to see how I am doing. Take the total hours on the machine per year and divide up the cost. I put 250 hours on one machine last year that has a loan on it. Total interest was $789. Add depreciation, fuel per hour, insurance cost (divided up unequally on your equipment) and you should have it.

    Here's mine by the hour
    $3.16 interest
    $7.84 depreciation (cost divided by 5 yrs divided by hours)
    $1.75 fuel per hour
    $1.50 maintenance cost (oil and etc.)
    $0.50 insurance (mower only)
    $14.75 per hour

    Mine is a little high as I did not put that many hours on my machine as I only do this part time in addition to my 40 hour week. The more hours the less your fixed costs will be per hour. This is the approach I use, others may disagree but this is a real good approximation.

  4. guntruck

    guntruck LawnSite Senior Member
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    cmon guys i need the help only two people know this stuff????????????????????????PLEASE IM DESPERATE
  5. lawnguy ny

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    knowing this isn t going to help your bank account any .
  6. awm

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    Do you have enough info to do what springvalley
    did.Sounds like that would get you close.
  7. syzer

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    Knowing this is WHAT MAKES your bank account. You have to know your cost to know your making money. You beleive that and you wont be in business long.

  8. eslawns

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    WRONG! Not knowing this is what will keep you from prospering when things get tight economically, as they are beginning to do now.
  9. BRL

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    You have to do the formula that Spring Valley gave you. That's why the answers stopped coming in. We don't know how much your insurance is, what you payed for those peices of equipment, etc. etc. Do a search again. I believe in one of the discussions in the past about this, one of the members posted that they had a formula set up in Excel that you can use to plug your numbers into. I may have saved that for myself so I will look around my computer when I get a chance. Its somewhat tedious, but that's how you figure out the costs.

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