costumer demands pay their water bill

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by garciajj612, Dec 10, 2012.

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    I've had that call a lot of times, especially on large systems where the programs just back up so there is always something turned on. It's usually the gardeners that set it wrong. One of the things I love about Weathermatic Smartline is the hidden start times so they can't add multiple start times unless they go to "Advanced Menu". But then you get the phone call saying "I can't set anything except zone 1. Can you come NOW and fix it?"
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    The problem was not solved bc when I saw him when I went to Winterize I asked him to open garage and he didn't say anything about the leak ge was being nice. I winterized and a week later he calls me tripping out. We have been too busy for me Togo turn on the irrigation and check so I wanted to wait till i turned it on but he was freaking out. Oh and check this out
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    You do not have to turn the water on to varify or discount the presence of a leak.

    A simple pressure / induction adapter can be made for under $25.
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    your link didn't work for me
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    That's insane .. The water district couldn't figure something better to do with the money they had? I mean it's pretty cool, the more data to have obviously the better. I'm still confused on why they have the ability to have this data but not utilize it by letting it leak for months on hand. derpaderpaderpa

    I believe water districts should be held way more accountable with the water they supply to us.

    Do you own your own compressor or do you have one still renting? If you do when you get the time, it's time to turn it on and find the leak. If you don't follow Jim's post about inducing air.

    Other guys may say different but I say once you find the leak and confirm that the leak is on the sprinkler system and is leaking due to workmanship error to repair it and offer maybe one month of payment back. No way I would go for more time. It's up to the homeowner to be on top of there bills.
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    You should take advantage of the situation Right Now while the water is off. If you wait until you fire the system up you will have 1 PISSTOFF customer as well as a very wet hole to work with.
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    Don't know what that image is of, but without column titles it is meaningless. That said, it that is water usage I would like to know what meter the purveyor is using that has a built-in data logger.
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    I am still upset about this revelation. :cry:

    So I decided to sell my zombie survival kit (reconditioned to like new). It will be available on Saturday the 22nd (just in case Jim is wrong), and can be delivered to some lucky buyer by christmas eve. ;)

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    That is a sweet collection for sure.

    I wonder if the world ends friday at 06:30 something, will the east coasters post the end and spoil it for the rest of us?
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    Our aluminum mo/ho will protect us. Just in case, we're wearing foil hats if it catches us outdoors. With our tow-behind, we'll survive.

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    You surely are one of a kind boss.
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