Could have been real bad

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pjslawncare/landscap, Oct 7, 2005.

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    Last stop for the day was four upscale homes. Rite off the bat one of the guys gets a 52" wb half way into the lake in one of the back yards. No way to get it out by hand or even using another mower to pull it out, I had to unhook the truck and snag it out with that. Well things got hairy because access wasnt real good, things were a bit steep and the grass is always wet there. We got it out and patched a couple spots real quick and got back to mowing. Well as I finish mowing and start heading to the truck I turned to see my other worker attemt to load his mower on the trailer when the whole damn thing starts sliding down the street. I can only stand there helplessly watching him freaking, trying to get it (the trailer) stopped as it slides about 150 ft and finally goes over a curb and come to rest on the sidewalk. Needless to say I about crapped my pants. The real kicker to the story is that I was the one who failed to hook the trailer back up. Im usually very good about putting thing back and securing stuff, but this time I screwed up good. The good part is that no one was hurt and nothing got tore up. It did peel back a little peice of sod next to the curb and we fixed that real quick. It could have been a real real BAD situation and we are very lucky it wasnt. One thing for sure is that will never happen again
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    You are a lucky man. So much could of went wrong. Thank god it didn't.
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    trouble happens in pairs, and sometimes threes.
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    Your Karma is good grasshopper :D It has been my experience when I am trying to move too quickly or pushing my crew too hard that things like this happen.

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