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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by dothelawn, Aug 21, 2002.

  1. dothelawn

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    Hi everyone,

    New here and really like this place.

    Anyway, would greatly appreciate some advice.

    I can buy an '01 Simplicity Coronet 14HP Kohler w/ 34" cut for $1700 + tax. Seller (dealer) says mower has been demo'd once for about 10 min., is started daily to move in and out of store. It is also reported that it has a slight amount of paint fading from the sun, but not that noticeable. I have not seen mower and will have to buy sight unseen, due to being 100 mi. from store. I suppose I could reject it if it really wasn't represented truthfully. Seller will deliver free, just wants to sell machine to make room for new inventory.

    Is this a good deal??? Thanks a lot, guys.

    By the way, I'm cutting about 1/2+ acres, hilly with some large planters and trees in the back. Been using a third-hand '87 JD RX75, 30" w/ 9 HP Kawasaki for the past three years (1st rider). I believe it still has some value for resale.

    Thanks again.:)
  2. KenH

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    Being in this forum, I well assume it will not be used for commercial purposes.

    Is there an hour meter on the engine???

    Just make sure there is only 10 minutes of demo time, as demos have a tendency to get beat on. Sounds like a good deal.
  3. dothelawn

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    Ken, the Coronet turned out to be a joke. It was in good condition, but definitely not new, and should not have been hyped as such. I thanked the guy for his time, but said "No Thanks!".

    I have since struck a deal with a Massey Ferguson dealer on a new (yes, new) 2516H lawn tractor, 16HP Kohler, 38" deck w/ mulching kit installed (this is the exact same mower as the Simplicity Regent).

    Hopefully, this story will have a happy ending.


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