Could this be converted to a mobile office/service vehicle?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by FIMCO-MEISTER, Aug 31, 2007.


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    We got a guy up my way that converted one of those into a contractors mobile office. I guess if you got the cash anything can be done.
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    plumbers around here convert them to their work trucks all the makes perfect sense, big and open...sure you could put an office in there...and if it has a PTO generator to run the lights and sirens even better
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    My old company has a box truck with outside cabinets like an ambulance as one of the service rigs.
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    I'm new to this business and only recently stumbled onto this site looking for input on getting into irrigation and soliciting tricks of the trade for veterans in the field. That aside, I have been a paramedic for the last 15 years and have put about a zillion miles on these vehicles.

    There are a couple of things you should consider when purchasing a used ambulance:

    1. What type of service did it come from. Meaning, an urban/rural or Metro service.
    Rural units that are not typically that busy and sit long enough to get cold, get started cold and ran hard. (which is very hard on a diesel engine). A Metro service will have units running sometimes for days sitting on a post scattered around the larger cities. So take a look at the hour meter as well as the milage.
    2. When you open up the utility hatch there is enough wiring to retro fit a 747. They are prone to have constant electical gremlins. The upside is that you will have a well light, climate controlled moblie enviroment at the worksite.
    3. Some of the things that i have put in the back of my amublance over the years would make a billy goat barf(and myself). If you get one, you DEFINITLLY want to clean the back out with bleach and water before you do anything.

    That aside, several contractors in my area use them as service vehicles (sorry fo the long post). Don't want you to get stuck with a lemon.

    Oh, Dirt Digger they have'nt used PTO generators on ambulances since the 70's
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    I had one of those. Install a hitch to tow a spare fuel tanker.:nono:

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    Hell ya that's cool,You'll be the IRR-O-MEDIC bringing life back your lawn coming soon to your area!
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    How about... Code 3 Irrigation? :)

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    Thanks for the info. Don't hesitate to come here for advice on irrigation stuff.

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    Fimster Landscape Emergency Recovery Unit

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