could use some direction on this one.

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Element Property Mgmt, Apr 10, 2014.

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    I heard that song one time by way of one of the kitchen staff at a Howard Johnson's restaurant overriding the Muzak feed with his own cassette payer, with a careful fade-down and fade up transition. It cracked me up, and I was peeking around to see if anyone else had caught the gag. Song ended, and faded back to Muzak, and no one looked the wiser.
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    Generally speaking, drainage is grouped in with irrigation on the larger scale (Ag). You shouldn't irrigate without knowing how to handle your drainage (if you have any), especially if you are dealing with high water tables. One of the courses I took back in the day bundled irrigation and drainage together in one class. Of course the scale we were working with was hectares, but the basic concepts apply for any surface/subsurface drainage scenario.

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