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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by pgoulding, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. pgoulding

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    My grandmother just bought a new house and would like me to landscape the front yard to make it look better then it is at the moment. The problem it there is a partially above ground septic (waterfront property with high water table) and it is just plain ugly. The thing is is about 40' long 18' deep and 2.5' tall. I was wondering if i could get some ideas of how to make this look as appealing as possible. I know some of you have probably done these in the past, so any ideas are greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

  2. pgoulding

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    Someone must have done something like this before, any ideas would be great.

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    Culture stone or call American Brickface and Stucco, any mason and I'd guess most hardscapers could use some faux(spelling) finish and make that look 100 % better. I like culture stone it has so many uses. If the veneer option is too costly and she is patient you could plant a hedge across the front of the wall, personally I hate hedges but it's an option here. As far as the top of it goes, something tall around the septic vent and maybe a border planting along the front of the top of the wall then grass to fill in instaed of mulch, you could go crazy but whats the budget???
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    1st check with zoning, They might have a list of what/whats not allowed to be planted on the septic system
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    build another house looks like a foundation to me
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    Wish I could use my new design picture program that slaps images on the photo.

    But when I went to use it, I found out that it's a DVD and I have a CD Rom.

    Now I've got to get a DVD drive for my computer this week.
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    Dennisport? West Dennis?, or maybe Long Pond in South Yarmouth?

    You can't do much on top of it because it will hurt the system. Perennials, groundcovers, and ornamental grasses are generally alright to use. Check to see how much soil cover is over the stone before you plan. Typically there is very little.

    The situation is that in Massachusetts the bottom of the leaching component of a private septic system has to be a minimum of 5' above ground water. In some places (West Dennis and Dennisport, most notably) groundwater may be only 2' from the surface. When a septic system fails, the new one has to meet the current standards (Title V). As you can imagine, if you have a small lot with a protected wetland in the back, you wind up with a septic system sticking up in your front yard. Of course you want to minimize the height of the wall (it could be bermed if there was enough room, but here there is not). If it were designed to have a lot of soil on top, the wall would be higher. So, you can expect to not have much soils on top. That soil is also going to be very isolated over peastone, so it will dry out very quickly.

    I designed a "Zen Garden" over one in Dennis, but the house is not yet built. (you know, the raked gravel with a few boulders style of Japanese garden). I don't think that is very suited to this house, though.

    I'd suggest a privet hedge just a little higher than the wall to screen it from the road. An expensive stone wall sticking out of your front lawn still makes little more sense than a concrete one does. The privet hedge will look quite normal from the street and driveway. From the house looking out, you could dress up the wall, perhaps with stone, but not necessarily. You could try to gain some use of the surface of the system, perhaps a bocci court. If you choose to plant it, I'd suggest a big sweeping area of Bearberry with grouped or border plantings of perennials and/or ornamental grasses.

    There are other ways, but those are fairly simple.
  9. pgoulding

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    Thanks for the suggestions, the house is actually off of Forest Rd. in South Yarmouth i cant really remember the name of the pond that it is on but ya the septic did not pass the inspection and a new one was put in by the previous owners. And like you said it has to be very high up to compensate for the high water table. I will take your ideas into consideration. If you don't mind what is the name of your company, and what town do you work out of???
  10. YardPro

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    do a sate venir mortered on... it will look like dry stacked stone.
    then some trailing plants along the edge to cascade over at a few spots... something like rosemary, potato vine...etc..

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