Couldnt believe my eyes.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FreshCuts, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. FreshCuts

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    I was on my way to do a couple of jobs yesterday, I know it was Sunday but I am behind because of all the rain and they were commerical properties, any way I passed a house not far from mine and saw 2 people pushing old 21" push mowers, not Selfpopelled, in a yard that is about 3 acres. The crass was about shin deep and damp from all of the rain. I turned around and went up to offer my services, and it was 2 Mexican fellows the home ownew has hired. I couldnt believe the home owner would enven ask some one to even do something like that. I tried to talk to them to see if I could help them out but they couldnt speek english. I felt bad for the guys. They would push a little then clean out the deck then push some more. I felt like the owner was taking advantage of the situation. Didnt know what else to do the owner want home so I couldnt talk to them.
  2. chuckers

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    i would of stayed away to tough on equipment and who knows whats in that grass
  3. RjCjR

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    I'm sure they're getting paid hourly. Who cares how long it takes! Sounds like they just got hired for a full week of work, probably for cash too.
  4. JB1

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    You've got RAIN !!
  5. JimLewis

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    Yah, I used to get lots of jobs like that every spring. People hadn't mowed for months and the grass was too tall for them to mow. I'd always show up and you could see a strip about 10' long where they attempted to start doing it with their POS mower.

    I used to make $100 an hour doing those lawns. But we don't have too much time for that these days.

    You gotta feel sorry for those poor schmucks who were out there doing it with a push POS mower. That REALLY sucks. Reminds me of my first year in business. Haha. Glad I don't have to do those kind of jobs or use POS equipment anymore.
  6. FreshCuts

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    Yea I felt kinda sorry for the the guys doing the work. Most of the yards around here are kinda tall because of all the rain. That yard is usually mowed regularly. Their mower must have broken down. I bet they wont be able to get the same 2 guys next time.

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