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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by YardGuy, Dec 22, 2000.

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    I have taken over an account that has a total of 130,000 sq. ft. of common bermuda. It is an encyclopedia of weeds common to the gulf Coast-spurge,sedge,bahia,dollar,etc.It also has been non-fertilized for a long time. Grass is dormant. What should i begin to do to re-hab? Light roundup?,MMSMA. In need of and open to all ideas.This is what a forum is all about. Thanks
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    I wouldn't use Round-up, but I have never used it in a situation like this. I would start with the 2-4,D based herb. I have had great success with adding a little Banvel, for the stuborn waxy coats. Possibly 2 apps a few weeks apart for any seedlings. With my experience morning apps take better due to the plant pores being open wider and accepting material better.
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    I am in a different area. Tennessee. We use roundup here on dormant bermuda at the rate of 40ozs/acre. Sounds low, but we get good control without delaying spring green-up. We are after annual bluegrass, chickweed, henbit, and dead nettle, mainly. We begin in January and finish by mid Feb. Check stolons to make sure they are dormant before applying. Cold temps will not make roundup ineffective, just slow it down. It may take a month to take effect, but it will kill! 2-4d, especially ester forms, will damage common bermuda in our area and delay spring recovery significantly. Dicamba is safer, but gets less spectrum of weeds. Confront works well too. The best advice I can give is: do not apply roundup or broadleaf weed control just prior to or during spring green up. Before is fine. After is fine for Dicamba or confront. Pre-emerge is the key to turning common around. We use Barricade in August on the properties that do not overseed. It gives 90% control minimum of winter broadleaf weeds. We use Image herbicide or DMC on Onions. Onions suck! I usually apply to apps of pendimethelin at highest rate(early and late spring) Last tip: Don't pump it with N right at green-up. Wait about 3 weeks after green-up, and it will launch. Good Luck! Robert Stroud "The Turf Doctor"
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    GREAT JOB there DOC!!!
    And I second that opinon, especialy the pre-emergent.

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    thanks much.

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