Count your bales of straw!!!

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Carolina Cuts, Mar 4, 2008.

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    2 months ago, approach a straw dealer.... they quote me $3.10 per bale for 3000 bales.
    I go back yesterday to order them to be delivered.... I am told $3.60 per bale... I bring up our conversation 2 months ago and they drop back down to $3.10 per bale. We walk their yard of trailers and semi trailers... point out one particular trailer... I ask how many bales it holds.... 610 bales. Wow! that trailer holds 610 bales, yes... they claim. I say fine... cut a check for over $3,782 as I tell her to deliver me two truck loads... 1220 bales.
    First truck comes today... we help the guys unload it... and ask them... how many bales? 610 they say... after they leave.... I count em up.

    468 bales... THANKS! Guess this particular company didn't think I'd count bulk straw... so I make the call....
    Me -"Ummm Mam'? How many bales does that trailer hold fully stocked?"
    Her - "610"
    Me - "Well, I just counted 468.... twice..."
    Her - "Really, maybe the mexicans mis counted...."
    Me - "Don't think so, the trailer was 100% filled, no room left... 468... and you told me 610... we're short 143 bales... with another load coming... that's also gonna be short 143 bales.... not to mention next weeks loads coming which WOULD ALSO be short another 286 bales... if I didn't count these out... that's 572 bales = over $1700 extra I'd have to shell outta my pocket thinkin' I misquoted..."
    Her - "Hmmmmm, I'm really sorry."
    Me - "Now before I start spreading this s***, do YOU wanna come count it out? or are you gonna take my word for it?"
    Her - "I'll get you the extra 284 bales that you paid for ..."
    Me - Click!

    WTF??? This is like the tenth time I've had people try to beat me in material... between pine straw and mulch!!
    Never EVER had this problem before.... until... (won't go there)

    So, the moral of the story... don't trust any one.... and for God's sake, count your material.... especially when it comes in bulk.
  2. ZX12R

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    "So, the moral of the story... don't trust any one.... and for God's sake, count your material.... especially when it comes in bulk."

    I hear you on that.I always just have to. What are you doing with all that hay?....feeding all the horses in the Carolinas? :)
  3. Carolina Cuts

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    hahaha... and I hate hate hate straw....
    I contracted 3 commercial properties.... fortunately they're ALL in one community. It's a fairly large highend community with 8-9 subdivisions within... I landed 3 of em... 1000 bales per property now, and another 500 per in august. It's been neglected for years... I'm finding irrigation heads 10-12 inches under pine straw. Years and years of pine dumped on pine.... YOU CAN"T DO THAT! SLACKERS! So I told the maintenance managers that if they want me to fix irrigation, then I would first have to FIND the irrigation. Was given permission to completely blow out all flowers and refurbished the entire area. All $$$ over and above my contract... lovin' life right now..... but hatin' straw and crooked pinestraw salesmen.
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    Why is that? Just tryin to learn.:)
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    Next time have the weight checked...therefore in the future you can just check the weight as long as they are using the same trailers. Thats what we have started to do, and its working out great. We usually end up with 10 to 20 more bales then estimated anyway. But it is always good to check up. We have gone through about 2400 bales of pine straw already this spring, with another 5000 schedule before May. We have been so busy this is my first post since maybe early Feb. Its raining today, and storms expected tomorrow so taking the weekend off because we are in the middle of a few Mulch jobs and I dont want the storms to wash away the color so we will just wait until Sunday or Monday. Man, I have missed a lot.....

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