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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 1stclasslawns, Sep 11, 2001.

  1. 1stclasslawns

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    I was asked last week to bid on 14 apartment complexes that I was litterly screwed out of last spring.( It seems the guy that got the jobs was married and having an affair with the regional manager of the managiment company) Well, he couldnt' take care of all the properties and now, a new management co. has taken over and wants new bids. I have done 8 of the properties in 2000.

    So I went with what I sent them last spring. (The managers of 4 of the properties that I did in 2000 want me back, and have bragged on the job I did) So the regional manager told me that my bid was ok on 9 of the properties and then went on to tell me how much I was off on the others. A totel of $140.00 over 5 properties.

    As a counter offer I told them I'd do them for their price for the rest of this year and next, but for 2003 I'd need up to a 15% increase. But I'd have a contract good till the end of December 2003. Give a little now get a little later..

    Will know on Friday.

    The regional manager likes it.

    It is low income elderly tennants.

    What do you all think did I do the right thing.

  2. Randy Scott

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    Now they wan't you back after they "literally screwed you". Looks like it will happen again. I'm not in your shoes but this kind of BS pisses me off. Now they need someone to bail them out of a jam, and want you to do it for less money. Even with a contract, after 2002 they will try to get out of it. They won't give you a measly $140 bucks now,but will give you 15% more in 2 years, on what I would imagine is a big dollar contract, yeah right!
  3. 1stclasslawns

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    Complete different management company. Im dealing with the #2 person in the whole deal whos been there for several years.

    I going to give it a try, they cant cancell me for 2003 except for non performance.

    The unit managers that Ive known for several years say this person will do what they say they will. No BS deal or so they say.

  4. gusbuster

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    Go for it. Like you said, give a little, get a lot back. That's how commercial accounts work. At least the people see that you can deal if need to.
  5. Runner

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    Be careful, (because they are apartment complexes) and good luck with it! That DOES sound kind of strange that you were within "$140." of the last guy though, especially when you consider that between 14 complexes. A little too close for comfort, I'd say. This guy may have been to low to begin with, (which is why he couldn't maintain them) and they saw your price, thought it was o.k., but just wanted to do two things. First, see if they could save a couple of bucks, but most of all, see if you'd flex. That can tell them alot. Anyway, good luck with it! I hope it works out for you.;)
  6. 1stclasslawns

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    Im about 30% higher then the last guy, but to stay with in their budget and what they think the lawns are worth I was only $140 off, 20 here up to 40 not too bad relly. I do think this company will do right by me if I do right by them. It took care of the complexes up till last year when the owner wanted to retire, well the new co didn't do squat so they started back up. The head of this new co is the owner of most of the properties. They got some state awards last year for how the places looked. But thee old mgmt co started letting them run down after the awards.


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