Country Clipper Charger vs Yard Shark

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by KDXChuck, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. KDXChuck

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    I am a homeowner with 4+ acres with many banks, hills and ditch lines. After looking at several ZTRs with an emphasis on hill abilities I narrowed down my choices to Yard Shark and Country Clipper Charger. I chose the Charger because in my opinion it was more machine for less money. I wasn't able to try them both on the same hill but contrary to most comments on, it appeared that the Shark was actually slightly better on hills than the Charger. The dealer took the Shark across a hill steeper than I would even attempt and the only time is slipped was on a rough section that was rocky and had little grass. But the Charger is very good on hills and more than adequate for my needs.

    The design of the Shark is very simple and the deck is rock solid. However the deck simply isn’t deep enough in my opinion. The Charger deck has excellent discharge even in wet conditions and has a clean cut. The flip out deck is a nice design, and is quicker and easier to do than I expected. My only complaint about the deck is the deck hangers are very noisy over rough areas. My only other complaint is the seat. The Shark has a Michigan seat standard and one should be on the Charger.

    I haven’t tried every ZTR out there but of the one’s I tried, the Shark and the Charger were hands down the best performers on hills. The Charger is a heavier machine with a better deck and that is why I chose the Charger.

    WREBELMACHINE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    currious were you comparing 60" machine? I have demoed both as well and found the clipper better but the shark does very well as well! You will be happy with your purchase!
  3. Green King

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    Yea I demoes both too and was impressed by both machines but the charger was a little better on the hills and what I demoed was 60" machines as well!
  4. KDXChuck

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    Yes they were both 60" machines. But like I said, I wasn't able to try them on same slope. Sometimes slopes can fool you depending on their height and surroundings.

    I am very pleased with the Charger so far.
  5. grizzlybare

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    I had a Shivvers Commercial Clipper front deck mower for almost 9 years. It was a 60" with a 22 hp Kohler engine. Because of its age and beginning to be tempermental I just traded it off for a two year old Country Clipper Charger. My old mower cut very well and did not EVER scalp the ground. It had a strange system of balance, but was very agile on hills and coming up steep hills in reverse. On occasion due to the weird balance it would push me up into the air. Seat, motor and all. Really a strange feeling (especially when the rear wheel came on once ;} )

    Apparently the previous owner of the Charger did not know how to deal with engine oil and the dealership had just switched out the 23 HP Kawasaki and installed a new 25 HP Kow engine. This thing cuts like a fiend and throws clipping 10-12 feet. My only complaints are the rough sounding deck over uneven ground (as mentioned above), the terrible scalping and rough ride. The tires are much wider which causes less grass tear at turns, but also rubs against trees and such, unlike the Commercial Clipper. The deck on the Charger also seems a bit too far back and has become more of a mid-mount deck. I liked the ability to get in under bushes by sticking the deck in on the old mower.

    Is there something out of wack here or is the design that much different? Why did they make changes that are obviously downgrading. (at least to me)

    Will the optional seat help the ride that much?

    Is my deck possibly mal-adjusted which causes the scalping? I can't cut over a little hill without the scalp and it leaves tall grass when I cut across valleys but leaves a gouged rut when mowing with the valley. I just didn't have these issues with my old Shivvers.
  6. Mowingman

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    The Yard Shark verison of theo old Shivers mowers, is a cheapened version. From what I can see, the Yard Shark is cheap built, to compete with the Chinese-built ZTR's that are coming in.
    The Country Clipper should be a much better quality machine overall.
  7. CFLS

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    Have you looked into the lower end residential Hustler's? Hustler builds a great machine with a very low center of gravity.
  8. MONTE

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    Hustler will not hold like the country clipper!

    WREBELMACHINE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I have run them all and have not seen any ZTR hold like a clipper!

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