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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by jbirdturf, Jan 7, 2008.

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    I have an install job to do at a comercial property that has been seeded and strawed 3 weeks ago. What should I do to make sure once everything is planted and pine strawed I don't have a bunch of grass coming up. Pre-emerge? Round-up? Also, I have to plant 7 wax myrtles, the landscape designer requires a 2" trunk. Most nurseries go by height. Also, wax myrtles are multi-trunk like crepe myrtles, what would be the equivalent to 2 ", 15 gal.? Can you use tree gators for multi-trunk trees? Lot of ?s, thanks for the advice:usflag:
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    you need to give more details. maybe you have a picture that will help. so show whats there now
  3. sicnj

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    if you plant flower beds where grass is now i would use round up to kill whats there it will take a long time if the weather is cold. then i would till up area, and add snapshot too.
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    snapshot and round up are good. I have also used gallery, round-up, and Barricade. I mix all three together. Mostly on fence lines and in open bed situations. I get about 3 Months of coverage using those products. It is costly, but the products will last depending on how many properties you use them at. Also you don't have to spend money to go back and apply round-up every other week.
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    To calculate the caliper of a multi trunk tree you can add the calipers of the individual trunks together. Some places take the largest trunk and add it to 1/2 the sum of the remaining trunks. I would call the designer.
  6. AGLA

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    We don't use myrtle up here, but many multi-stem trees are often trained into single stem trees at some nurseries. I don't know if that is the case for Wax Myrtle. Check with the designer like someone mentioned above.

    Your question about what to use to control weeds from coming back indicates that you have not passed a pesticide license exam and it would not be legal for you to use these products, even those that any homeowner can use.
  7. jbirdturf

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    I guess you didn't understand my question. Thanks anyways.
  8. Bull

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    If I understand you correctly you are going to be installing plantings or plant beds in the same areas that was just sown three weeks ago? If this is correct then I would put down a pre-m like preen and then place the appropriate fabric down after the plantings where installed. Then cover with the needles and this should eliminate most grass seed germination issues. I don't have the answer on the tree caliper issue.

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