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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Gr grass n Hi tides, Aug 21, 2005.

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    1. Some say rubbing a little oil into the air filter's prefilter is a good idea. Some disagree. It seems to me that doing this just gunks up the air filter faster. My Kawi's didn't come from the factory with oil in the prefilter. I'd like to know what the pros think.

    2. What's the proper method to clean a fuel tank? How often should this be done?
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    #1 Most OEM's do not put oil on pre-cleaners because they have no idea how long the engine will be stored, That is left up to the servicing parties. Most OEM's recommend putting a light film of oil on the pre-cleaners to help trap dust particles and give longer life to the paper element and your engine.
    Just think if the pre-cleaner is gunked up it's doing it's job by not letting the gunk through to the paper element.

    #2 There are many methods to clean a fuel tank and it's always best to remove it from the unit. I have washed smaller ones out in a parts washer then blowed them out with air and flushed larger ones out with a garden hose then blowed them out and left them upside down in the sun to finish drying out. There is really no set time I know of as to when to clean one other than seeing trash or water in it or in the fuel filter or carb.
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    Some air filters come now already oiled from the part supplier. I would ask where you got the engine what is recommended.
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    The way I see it, a prefilter with oil on it, will be more likely to catch more dirt since the oil tends to hold the smaller particles, which makes the paper elements job that much easier. think about it, which would you rather have, a prefilter with no oil letting small crap gunk up the paper element and possibly letting that crap into your engine, or a prefilter with oil stopping the small crap right there, and keeping the main filter cleaner and saving your engine from the damage of the dirt that could be ingested.

    As for when I clean the fuel tanks, I only do that when I see junk in them, which is a good sign its time to take it off, and clean it out good.
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    Kawasaki DOES HIGHLY recommend oil on ALL pre-filters as stated in ALL service manuals AND owners manuals for LONGER engine life.
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    Appreciate the feedback fellas. Really. I had been oiling my prefilters for more than a couple years. Then about a month ago I had a problem with my 19 hp kawi on the 48 hydro. It was choking out in tall grass & lost some rpm's. Also, when idling it would surge & drop, surge & drop. Nothing caught up in the linkage under the front of the engine. Clean air filter. New fuel filter.

    Well........the guy across the street on my last job of the day when it started acting an LCO I'm acquainted with from the old days but not buddy buddy. He said "sounds like a fuel problem.....not an engine issue." Well he was kind enough to tell me to pull her up in his yard, which I did. While looking things over he said oiling the pre-filter is something he never does. I know is father owned two service stations & he's got some know how. Just got me to thinking is all...............

    Anyway, we drained the fuel tank that day, the reservoir under the carb, I changed the plugs. All in the name of the possibility of water in the fuel. The engine did do pretty well for a couple days & started having the same problems. The guy I took it too for work put a new carb on it. Said he tested compression & was good; valve clearance good; ruled out a bad governer.

    Sorry so long...........that's the rest of the story. Mower's been ready for about a week now, gotta go pick it up but I've had zero time. Been using the 48 belt back up.

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