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    To grow the green in,lol
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    It does the calculations for you. Speeding up audits, assuming this tool does and other tools that may come on the market, makes audits more affordable and more likely to occur. Not sure how others are but using pencil and paper while doing an audit and trying to keep them dry plus having to transcribe everything to a spreadsheet when this device store store and put it on your pc for you is going in the right direction. My first remote cost me over 2000 and that was back in the 90s. Now you can get an even better one for 1400.00.

    Handheld digital meter quickly weighs catch cans and instantly calculates irrigation coverage and rate including coefficient of variation. Internal memory can be downloaded to a PC for further analysis.
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    Ummm, not even close.

    No it won't. In fact, it will very likely take more time, that is, if you give a damn about even being somewhat accurate.

    I don't seem to have any problems, that is, when I actually use paper.

    Who cares and irrelevant.

    Errrr, the only useful information it provides is PR ... and even that is questionable if you don't use their silly expensive "catch" can. Further, why do you need a coefficient of variation?

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    Once again the direction is more important than the first result. The direction of water auditing tools will allow those who have less than average math skills to perform water audits as well as speed it up. I have no doubt I could, with my remote and this tool, perform water audits faster than you. You can go whine to the customer about the .01 +/- gallons.
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    I know this from the spec sheet.

    I am fairly confident I can read a graduated cylinder to +/- 0.5 ml accuracy. That is a damn site better than +/- 38 ml + any variation in catch can weight and any junk that might collect on said catch can during the audit.

    Really? How do you enter the throat area of the catch into the scale?

    Ummmm, not without further calculations.

    Didn't ask for the definition, I asked what do you need it for.

    Bull. You don't have a clue what you are talking about.

    Again, bull, and I not only do spatially referenced catches, but I also do a spatially referenced soil moisture audit at the same time.
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    Just don't leave the oven on too long. :nono:

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