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Couple of Jobs..


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Barrington, il
Here are just a few pics of our work. I have hundreds of pics to share just found this site and have checked out your photos, so I thought I would put a few up.

Work 001.jpg

Bird sHOTS 045.jpg

Bird sHOTS 077.jpg

Bird sHOTS 169.jpg

Bird sHOTS 004.jpg


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Looks good man. In that first pic, is the concrete scored or is that tile?


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Barrington, il
The first pic is Bluestone mortored over a concrete pour, miter cut with no mortar joints. I do all the hardscape on the pools and work closly with the pool contractor. We general some and are the hardscape contractor on their jobs so we go back and forth.

Just a little insight for you guys starting out and new....... I started at age 11 with a push mower..... and just kept at it adding new services as I grew.

Some more pics. Some of the machines

Bird sHOTS 016.jpg

Bird sHOTS 044.jpg


new 002.jpg

Kennedy Landscaping

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El Dorado Kansas
Very nice!