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I have a 48"/14hp metro,the main problem is deck clogging.I clean the deck out before I go out every time,and by the 3rd or 4th lawn,it is clogged and I usually have to double cut the yard or cut it in first gear.I have had this problem for awhile.Unless the grass is bone dry it will clog quick,Im cutting at 2.5-3.5".I heard somewhere that if you set the front higher than the back it will cut good,but ive always had the rake in front?I think part of the problem is the size of the discharge chute(TOO SMALL)Ive seen alot of walkbehinds,and most of them have a huge discarge chute,friends Gravelys chute is as wide as the deck!He never has clogs.The other problem is the blade engage piece that is down by the transmission shaft that raises up when engaged,well the other day I happened to look down and it was grinding on the tranny shaft!It wore a groove in the engage piece.It still engages fully but it has never done this before.The tranny doesnt seem to be affected though.Thanks for the help.

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Here are the top 3 causes of deck build up.

1- negative rake, for northern grass you need to have positive rake. (front end lower that the front)

2- mowing to slow. Big issue with home owners. Need to run it faster.

3- Gator blades in northern grasses make a mess.

The other things to look at on you unit, blade spacers. I recommend that you run 3 or 4 below the spindle. This helps get more air flow. Discharge chute not an issue with flow control baffles.

The piece that is rubbing on the output shaft of the transmission it a bell crank. You can fix that be shorting the link or rod that runs to the cutting deck.

This should help you out.

Thanks, Fred.
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