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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Chriscob, Mar 6, 2011.

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    In an effort to avoid needing CDL licenses for my employees due to the "combined-trailer/truck-weight-over-26K..IF-trailer-is-rated-over-10K"- non-sense... I've decided to buy a "one-ton" dually dump and have that as the dedcated trailer-puller when I need to tow the Bobcat A300 or S250...Thus, hopefully, staying below the combined 26K threshold. Anyhow, a couple of questions...

    -Anyone have a real grip on the MPG ratings of diesel vs. gas on Ford or Chevy/GMC one-tons, from the 2004-2007 years?.. I've always bought diesels but most of my trucks only get used 6-7K in a year and with the higher year-round price for diesel, it's hard to justify the added upfront expense.

    -Trailer weight ratings seem ambiguous. If a trailer is called a "6 ton", how much can it actually carry equipment-wise. My equipment salesman says it can carry 6 ton but I've got to believe DOT wants the "combined" weight of the trailer and equipment being hauled included... Which would drive up that originally stated truck/trailer combined rating.
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    For the trailer question, the only way to know what you are getting is to look at the GVW rating of the trailer and the actual unladen weight of the trailer. The whole 5 ton, 6 ton, 7 ton thing really is a sales deal, or to sell to people that don't know what to look for.

    You probably have a number of options even if you are dead set on buying a one ton dump.

    Assuming that you haven't bought or registered the truck yet, it will have a GVW around 12000#.

    You could get a 12000#gvw trailer with 6000# axles.

    You could get a 14000#gvw trailer with 7000# axles.

    Or you could do what some do- order a 12k or 14k trailer that is tagged from the manufacturer for 9990# and be able to tow it behind anything.

    Any way you slice it, you have to know what everything weighs-truck, trailer, equipment, chains and binders, buckets, attachments etc.
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    Lets not confuse GVW with GVWR.
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    Yes, sorry, I just get typing like I talk. Too fast.
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    I catch myself doing the same thing but find it important to be precise when discussing these topics because they are confusing enough as is.

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