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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by maroj248, May 10, 2008.

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    Well Im thinking of starting my own lawn care business. So far I have been cutting grass and stuff, for my dad's businesses for a couple years, with a push lawn mower. Now, if I do, do this, is it better to get a truck just for the business, or should I sell my car, and get a truck and use it for personal and business. I am looking into the newer (2003-2004ish) Ford F150s. And also, since I will be doing this by myself for a bit, should I purchase both a riding mower, and a walk behind mower, or just one of those? Also, in the beginning I plan on just cutting, edging (maybe), trimming, and blowing.
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    Get a good commercial walk-behind. Like a 32" at least. That will work way better and save you a lot more time and hassle than a riding mower (or were you were talking about a zero turn, which you probably don't need yet)?

    As far as the truck, I use mine for both business and personal use - unless you are talking about growing this into a huge operation.
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    If you get a truck and use it for both personal and business, keep track of how many miles, or how much gas you use for business, as you can ride it off as expense for taxes.

    You have to choose either fuel/expenses, or mileage, but not both. Try to figure your best option. Good advice from a tax consultant can save you alot of head aches with the IRS.

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