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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Qualey, Sep 7, 2003.

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    Regarding drainage, we have always "hoped for the best" and run into catch basins we made on site, tied into existing facilities, or run to daylight where allowed. Can anyone recommend some reading or anything to offer some other suggestions? I know a little commonsense goes along way here, but in some situations it can be tough. Perhaps there are regional zoning issues as well?

    Also, when you are constructing your walls, are you using a plate compacter to compact the backfill material at every level (primarily larger grid supported walls)? I do, but have been reading more and more about keeping "self-propelled compaction devices away from the walls face". Any word?

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    Use a plate compactor near the edges & wall faces. Keep the larger self propelled compactors & rollers a few feet away from those areas. The installation instructions for the walls you are installing will recommend how far away to keep those machines usually. If not you can use the instructions posted at Versa-lok's web site as a good general guide. Those instructions also give a good description of the drainage installation needed. Download the Adobe stuff!

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