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    So the machine I have been raving about went down last Sunday, the machine ran, but no hydraulic power. Monday morning met the service tech and he told me the coupler was bad. Didn't go into much detail and left. I am assuming this coupler connects the motor to hydraulic system. I'm picking up machine Monday, so I will find out more, just was hoping to get some info. Thanks, Mike
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    I'm sorry, I can't remember what machine you bought? Was it brand new? A week of down time sounds pretty bad, did they give you a loaner? Was the repair covered by the warranty?

    Most direct drive engine to pump configurations have a coupler which transfers the power, but also creates a "shear" point if a component has a failure. If the machine was new, the alignment may have been off, causing stress which led to the failure. Worst case senario is that the pump seized and then the coupler failed! :eek:
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    AL runs a used Cat 246, but yeah, if it's the DD coupler as TerraFirma and you mentioned, then it would be the coupler that transfers engine power (through crankshaft) to the main hydraulic pumps.
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    Thanks for the replies, guys. Yes it is a 246. Just picked up the machine today, no loaner was available, but one of my friends came through and lent me his machine for a few days. It worked out OK. I was actually out of warranty by 3 days :help: But they did it anyway, no charge. There was an updated, heavier duty part installed, so hopefully this won't be an issue again.

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