Coupon book advertising?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by nherweck, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. nherweck

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    In my area, schools sell little coupon books, about 500-800 coupons in each...I know one of the guys that helps publish the book, and he said he can get me a full sheet ad/coupon put in for 200 bucks. That will cover two different printings, one in June and one in December. He also said that I can put more coupons/ads in different sections of it to get the most coverage, and I can get a big discount for buying more than one. These get put out to a MINIMUM of 12,000 people in my county alone. Should I jump on this? Oh, and btw, there are NO lawn care/landscaping companies in it yet.
  2. palawnman

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    Personally speaking, I would. It's another form of advertising, I am always willing to try new ways. Just make sure that whenver you get new customers, you ask how they heard about you. That way you know if this particular form of adv. has worked for you and if it is worth doing again.

  3. walker-talker

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    I would be careful and make sure you put in certain restrictions to your coupons. If you put something in like 10% off aerations, are you willing to service something too far away? I am not sure how large of an area these coupons are covering, but be cautious.
  4. nherweck

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    Actually, in the actual coupon, I can place limitations to where I'll go. I could say FLORENCE, BURLINGTON, HEBRON, ERLANGER, ELSMERE RESIDENTIAL ADDRESSES ONLY. That way, I'll stay in the areas I service. Does this make it better for me to buy the ad?

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