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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by bruces, Nov 28, 2001.

  1. I have a buddy who uses this.

    50% off 1 mowing. got screwed many time on 1 timers. that's his fault told him not to do it.

    I think this way would work great for other than mowing. All the other services you can provide.

    One thing, it is actualy cheaper then mailing, putting door hangers, fliers etc...

    Another good thing it can do is that the people who do read it, will some how atleast see your name and maby remember it to look for you in the phone book.

    I looked at it and obviously the sales man was bad, I didn't go that way.

    He did say they don't deliver to Apt complexes and businesses.

    I may try this for apps. and such, but I don't recomend for regular mowing.
  2. bruces

    bruces LawnSite Senior Member
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    I am doing it in January & February. The mailing goes out about the middle of each month. Cost is $320 per month for one zone (10,000 residences). This will hit the area I want to target with 3 to 5,000 of the homes being in the $175,000 and up price range.

    This is 3.2 cents per home. I haven't figured out for sure what my paper cost, printer toner, etc. is, but I don't think this is any more expensive, and getting them out took about 30 minutes of my time working with the Val Pak rep designing the ad.

    My coupon is for $30 off the second month's service with a full season maintence agreement. I would probably also honor the coupon on aeration, etc. if the job is of any size.

    The rep said 3% response, that would be 300 calls. I will be happy with .3%, or 30 calls.

    I'll keep everyone posted on the results.
  3. I hope your a good closer.

    I get several kinds of coupon mailers in the mail.

    I see many LCO advertizing it it.

    Many ad. mowing or aeration, but I don't see any for apps.

    My buddy sent them to the wrong areas.
    7 calls out of 50,000, 7 screw jobs.

    It may work for mowing in different areas.

    It is way cheaper than any other system.

    Mine was $650 per a mailing. So was his.

    bruces wrote:
    Now how can you tell them they have a coupon they can't use, or was that for just aeration?

    I still have a problem giving customers stuff for free or money back.

    But I would do it only for high profit margin jobs, that are less laborous involved.

    Good Luck on your mailings.
  4. Equipguy

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    Have you tired other methods of advertising or is this your only approach? Seems like a good part of a plan but don't count on it to bring in all your calls.
  5. jnjnlc

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    I used Val-pak once. They hit over 10k homes. I was not very happy that only one person called from that mailing. Our price was about the same that you are paying.

    I have found that a yellow pages ad works well. I also advertise in the local small town newpapers. That has been very effective.

    Also if you have a local nursery near by ask them if they would be willing to hand out your business cards to customer asking for landscapers. Use a nursery that sales a lot to the public. Your big commercial nursery probably won't do it. I have used this method recently and have gotten three jobs in the last 60 days from it.

    Good luck on your advertising.
  6. Randy Scott

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    We get the Val-Pak coupons in the mail also. I don't think I have ever opened them, I just throw it out unopened.
  7. HBFOXJr

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    The val pak info says 84% of coupon users are aware of val pak. 9 out of 10 aware consumers open the pak and review the coupons. So that means 75% of coupon users open and review the stuff.

    So I asked my wife if she opened the package and reviewed stuff and surely she did. We don't advertise with them yet.

    Why don't you folks ask your spouses, family and friends, maybe particularly the women folk if they pay attention to this stuff and put your comments back here.
  8. HBFOXJr

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    Of those of you using coupons for getting new work, what are some of the most effective specials, deals or whatever.

    What was the most ineffective offer you made.
  9. Harold I found one sitting at my house still.

    The word "FREE" was on every single one.

    Things I have seen as far as LCO's go.

    50% off aeration

    Free mowing (with main. agreement)

    10%-20% off apps agreement

    Free hauling for leaf pick up

    I usualy open them to see what other LCO's are giving away, and to see who it is.

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