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I am getting ready to have thousands of coupons mailed out. Right now I have it set up to do 10% off first cut. My sales ladie called me back and said her boss thinks "I won't get any results,
could you be a little more reasonable"? "If you do a $20 yard the person won't save that much, we want you to see results".

Well you know what, if I even take the time to go to a $20 yard I'm not going to make that much money! I'm really not even targeting that small of yards.

Keep in mind it's only the first cut (trying to get them in the door)

What do you guys think?


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Beaverton, OR
I agree with her. 10% isn't going to make many people jump to their phones and order lawn service.

Try to think of something that would make a big impact on a reader. Most people who get those coupon mailer things (including me) give each coupon about 2 seconds of time before they pitch them. You gotta catch their attention within that timefram or your history!

One idea - "free fertilizer application" with landscape maintenance estimate. Gets your foot in the door. If the properties in your area aren't too big this could be an affordable way to impress them and make them want you back. I'd use a quick release fertilizer (so it would produce quick results but not last too long - making them want me back) and one with lots of iron to help with the immediate green effect.

I don't know if that's plausable for you or not. Just throwing out an idea. But something like that - something that grabs people's attention and makes everyone want to call you!

brian mon

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Yankton, SD
As I've read here many times......look into "giving away" something else.....$10.- $20. gas card, restaurant, nursury gift certificate.....etc. People like something for free idea, but 10% idea is used too much and may not be worth it. IMO


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southern Georgia
I do sign on for a total lawn care package and get one free mowing. This works great for me the packages taly all the services they plan on receieving for the year and we then divide the total into 12 payments. this way you won't have one certain week with no profit. You can even inflate your prices a little to make up the difference. They don't seem to notice all they see is FREE. Use human nature to your benefit.


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I'm dropping $1.00 off each weekly pay-per-cut mowing if they sign up before March 15th.. So at $28.00 a year, per customer, I'm not losing too much..

Considering I tacked on $3.50 to every rate due to increased expenses, it may help them out alittle..

3-payment contracts are 5% less than pay-per-cut.
100% down contracts are 10% less than pay-per-cut.

Lux Lawn

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Cleveland Ohio
I agree with Jim Lewis if you can give away a free step a lawn fertilizer.Last year I gave away free lawn aeration to anyone who signed up before April 1st.Depending on the size of there yard it is at least a $70 value it seems like a lot.Since we own an aerator it worked out nice for us plus its at the end of the season so the won't get something free and then back out.


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I agree with jim lewis as well - a good fert will cost something in the range of $1.00 to $1.50 per thousand sq. ft. plus your time to apply. The new customer is getting a free product that will also provide an appreciable and noticeable benefit. I just don't think 10% is a big enough of an incentive.


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the word free has to show up somewhere
with seasonal contract
has worked ok in the past