Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by jimmyburg, Nov 19, 2007.

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    Hope the warehouse boys aren't teaching those. :laugh:
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    We took the auditing class recently that was taught be three of the guys in this link - Jim, Jeffrey, and Raul. Good class.

    We are both signed up for the 2 day troubleshooting class in February. I think Dennis the store manager (who was also instructing the auditing class) and maybe Jim are teaching it. I've shifted a lot of my business to Ewing the last few years. They've really gone out of their way to help me out - diagnosing over the phone, special orders, pricing, classes, etc. Thanks Dennis and Dave! Toast to you :drinkup: Also tickets to Rockies games, referrals, and guys with knowledge of the industry, not just the parts they carry.
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    I don't know the other guys, but Jim Borneman knows his stuff.
  6. jimmyburg

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    Weclome to the irrigation world of Texas, by the look of your LI# you were lic in May of 07.

    I plan to attend the one in Ft Worth. I hope he's good.

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