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  1. ALCS

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    Do you offer installation courses and or support in canada ,near or in Montreal ,qc?

    Many thanks and welcome once again to Lawnsite.

  2. allprogreens

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    We have a distribution center in Canada but no training classes

    You can watch a portion of our Online Certification Training for FREE
    If you want to watch the full training the cost is $299.00

    I guarantee you that what you will learn from the installation portion of the training class and time & effort you will save from our new & improved install techniques will save you well more than $299.00 on you first install

    What You Will Learn From This Online Presentation:
    • Estimating
      [*]5 New Marketing Programs
      [*]Parade of Putting Greens
      [*]The Golf Industry
      [*]The Synthetic Turf Industry
      [*]Your Demo Green
      [*]The Design Consultation
      [*]Killer Closings
      [*]Why All Pro Greens
    Benefits Of This Seminar:
    1. A New Profit Center – Up to 60%
    2. Utilizing Existing Equipment & Employees
    3. A Simple & Easy Add-On Service
    4. Reach a New Customer Base
    5. Up-Sell Current Products & Services
    6. Year Round Installations
    7. Buy Manufacturer Direct – Save 70%
    8. Carry No Inventory

    Smart contractors know the value of training and education.
    Hundreds have already taken this add-on service and turned it into a new division of their business.
    Call us today and register for this FREE Seminar. 1-800-334-9005

  3. ALCS

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    Thanks for the reply, I WILL be contacting you soon.

    Thanks again.


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