courtesy stump grinding needing helpful input

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by stumpy09, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. stumpy09

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    I own my own stump grinding business and just recently bought out another company. The other company had a customer that was very unsatisfied with the work they had done so i as the new owner went back to the property and reground the stump they had the claim about and ground 2 more small ones as a courtesy thing for the sloppy job they had done which i agree was the worst grind job id ever seen. Now the customer keeps calling saying they wont be happy and will give me bad remarks in the community if i dont go grind out 2 more stumps for them for free. I have already stated to them that i have ground 2 additional stumps plus reground the stump they had complained about to begin with out of my pocket and explained to them i purchased the other company and i was the new owner. WHAT DO I DO? Would you let them black mail you to make a happy customer or just say screw it and take the negative and pretty much tell them to screw off. I would hate to lose a customer that wasnt even mine originally but dont want to be taken advantage of either. What Do I Do?
  2. Ducati996

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    Stay away from them - you owe them nothing and they are using your good nature. The previous owner (who has a name) did the wrong, you did the right. And the customer wants to take advantage....I would document this with details because if they have the nads to ask for more, then they likely will ty and slam you somehow.....but you will prevail either way, wasnt your obligation - just state the company is under new management....
  3. prizeprop

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    Tell them to go squat on the said stumps.
  4. stumpy09

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    Thank you for the quick responses i have done what i feel was my responsibility because when i bought the business out i felt i bought everything which is customers and customer satisfaction but i dont feel there is any satisfying these people. Thanks again.
  5. E.L.Co

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    tell them if they wish to tarnish your good name after youve already gone above and beyond, that thats there choice and you wish them well:laugh:
  6. Scagguy

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    They sound like azzwholes to me. I'm sure if they go running their mouth off, people will consider the source and discount it.

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