Courtyard Irrigation Problem

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by mx315, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. mx315

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    We just took over a nursing home and started working on a list of the manager's issues. But here's a new one on me... on the main building, they have two seperate landscaped courtyards inside the perimeter of the building. There are no access doors, you have to go through the front door, the lobby, then the activies room.. then go left or right to go into the courtyards. They have irrigation lines connected to a faucet, with a washing machine hose! There are four seperate zones on ball valves in each courtyard. My problem is that the manager wants me to add them to the irrigation system and you guessed it, no way to get the pipes in, except to go over the roof. There is one area where the roof is offset by about two feet and I was thinking it maybe possible to tie into the irrigation main line in the back of the building and come over the roof with 1 1/2 black pvc flex and down into the courtyards, then tie into the existing supply lines. The black pvc would be pretty well hidden on the roof and I could cover the vertical lines with fake downspouts. The total distance from the mainline to the courtyard connection would be about 100 feet. It's supplied by a 5hp deep well system. Sad thing is this place is only 3 years old.
    Think it will work?
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    I think you could make it work, but it doesnt sound worth it. If theyve got the hose bib, tap into the supply, reattach the bib, and make it its own system, if they want it so bad.
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    tap off the hose bib (aka do away with it, maybe put one somewhere else off your main) install a backflow!!!! and put in a clock for each, if they're small just go with a dig or similar
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    I was going to say the same thing but if it's too much trouble to run wire to the valves, think about using something like the Hunter Battery operated timer, comes in 1 or 4 zone configurations.
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    Is there a decent easy way to get power to the courtyards? Ie tapping off a plug nearby?

    If there is I say having them as their own system both with backflows and controllers
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    Bore it from outside.
  7. mx315

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    I suggested to her, that I use a Hunter battery timer and leave the system the way it is. She wants it on well water, so that she's not paying for water & sewer on usage. I will give her estimates for both and I think she will change her mind about the well water. Thanks for the input.
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  9. mx315

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    What type backflow can I use off a hose bib?
  10. mx315

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    Nevermind, Found one

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