Cover with lawn with bark mulch!


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Question guys,

I have a customer's lawn that is approx 100 sq feet. He wants it covered entirely with bark mulch!

I was thinking to myself to scalp the lawn, level it off with a rake, lay down landscape fabric for the weeds/grass and cover it entirely with bark mulch!
Will the grass still grow?


Dig the turf up like 2" deep and level it off, lay landscape fabric and cover with bark mulch!

:confused: :confused: :confused:


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Kill the grass with roundup first, then throw some fabric down (if he is paying for it). Mulch it and sell him on a 3 step weed control program. I wouldn't worry about getting it real level, you can level it with the mulch.

There is a guy in my neighborhood who has Rock lawn. It is about 5k sq ft and is landscaped real nice. Looks awesome.


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nashville tn
Rent a sod cutter and remove the grass and then rake around the soil spray some round up and put down landscape fabric if you want but it doesnt make much of a difference.


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Ya, a lawn that small, you should be able to cut the sod, roll it up, and haul it off. 110 sq ft, is that right?
Sell him some container plants afterwards. 2 or three interesting pots, and he'll have a low maintenance front yard with color.