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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by riverjunkie, Sep 17, 2012.

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    Pfcjs, yes sir that is the scary part. I am currently working on my savings. It's just a drop in the hat at this point.

    32vld, I like the idea of working a part time gig in the evenings. Sounds like you have a pretty sweet deal. I strongly agree with the pitfalls of letting an employee loose with my company on the line.

    Thanks for the advice guys, definitely appreciated.
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    why the heck are you wasting time in school if you bring home that kind of money? Save yourself the time, aggravation and hassle of a liberal education and focus on your company. I have a bachelors and a masters degree. at 30 years old I'm employed as a school teacher for 8 years. I make $36,600 and after I gotta pay union dues, taxes, SS, medical, etc I'm lucky to have 20K left to live of for the rest of the year. Seriously, take a long hard look at what you're going to school for and if it's even worth it. I'm starting to learn that education isn't going to pay off, but hard work will. some of the richest people in America dropped out of school.......
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    Of you are needing a boost to go full time in the spring then I would strongly encourage you to use See what the homeowner sees at You will be up an running a full time business in no time. The key is to drive customers to you website and have them sign up instantly. If you are growing too fast you can always refuse work which is a great problem to have.
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    Furthermore, we are offering this system to only one LCO per area. So once a LCO signs up for the area we will not be able to offer this technology to any other LCO in that area. This is a huge advantage to the LCO that is able to use this method in their area to gain new customers. Also, the LCO will be the only one posted as a provider on Check to see if your area is available by going to and reserve your spot today.

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