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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Lasko's Lawn Service, Apr 9, 2008.

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    I am in the process of bidding on a property that wants inclusive seasonal services. For example, lawn mowing and plowing. I can handle all the lawn mowing and landscaping but would like to subcontract the plowing. Who should I ask for definitive information regarding the paperwork involved in making sure I'm insured in the event that my "subcontractor" has some sort of plowing misshap.
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    You will need to make sure you are listed with your insurance agent for snow removal. Should not cost extra, but you need to make them aware that you are doing it. Even if you aren't Doing the work, you are listed on the contract.

    Search for sub-contractor contracts on line. There should be a bunch of free ones you can cut & paste and change the wording to fit your needs.

    The sub is going to have to have insurance. You are going to need a copy of it. Also their workman's comp if they have employees. They are going to have to fill out, I think its called a W-9. (you can get from the IRS web site) That is their info so you can 1099 them at the end of the year. Since snow covers two years you will have to do it for both years.

    I would contact the business you want to do the work and have them give you a bid for the plowing. Then mark it up and submit it. It won't do you any good if you bid it alone and are low and then have to lose money to pay the sub.

    I would also recommend you join and post the question there. Do a search first to see what has already been said on the subject. Belive me, there has been a bunch.
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    "Also their workman's comp if they have employees. "

    You get it whether they have employees or not. When you are faced with paying for their injuries, it is not the time to debate what is required as to what is needed. Also remember, if you carry WC, you are in fact paying for the coverage for the sun if they are uninsured. Even though you pay does not mean they are covered by your WC though. You may find yourself not only paying for their coverage but being sued without support from your comp carrier. In Va, the supervisor/foreman of the uninsured sub is NOT COVERED by the hiring contractor, although the hiring contractor WILL BE charged for the coverage.

    My advice: Have a certificate showing GL and WC. Have the sub name you as an additional insured. Keep it updated. This makes it so that if they do something wrong, and you are sued, their insurance pays your legal fees and cost of suit.

    My strongest advice is to buy a plow. Keep the money.

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