Coverting WB/ZTR to spreader/sprayer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Tony Harrell, Dec 14, 2002.

  1. Tony Harrell

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    Thoughts from different times/places converge to form ideas. A while back I saw the Lesco Z2 with stainless spray tank and spreader mounted instead of a mowing deck. Yesterday, I saw an old Gravely 3 wheel at a shop and thought I could probably get it for a song. Then I thought how cheap some of the new mowers can be like the 32/36 from several manufacturers. I was picturing a WB without the deck. In it's place is a stainless tank and fold out spray boom with a spreader mounted on top. I'm gonna mount a spreader to mine at least. That would kill 2 birds with one stone because it needs a little extra weight in front as it is. Also, I got on the Textron Europe site the other day and it seems they make a 3 wheel aerator rider. I believe it works like the plug'r or ryan 28. I'd like to see a Z with a belly mount aerator. What are your thoughts?
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    You might trying sending an email to LGF about this. I seem to remember he mounted a sprayer on one of his Dixie Choppers and it came out pretty well.

    Just a thought.
  3. cantoo

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    A few of us have already done this, do a search we have all put pictures up several times.
    I just bought an older Ransomes Lynx with a 16 hp that will be a full time sprayer and fertilizing machine next year.. Paid Can$900 or US$600
  4. KLMlawn

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    Uhmm, Tony, how about looking at this and he also has the same tractor with a forward mounted wheel and a aerator that can be raised and lowered for operation and transport.
  5. KLMlawn

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    and this is my version, pretty much the same machine and concept, except that mine cuts also and will be attaching the sprayer and short boom (permagreen) over the winter ...

  6. Tony Harrell

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    I've seen some additions to mowers and the pics posted before. I kinda like the idea of a stander but, the perma-green looks like a better balanced machine. I'm gonna work on putting a spreader on my wb this winter. What kind of on/off switches do you guys have and where did you locate them? K, Could you post a closeup pic of how you mounted the spreader to your stander? Thanks
  7. wriken

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    That looks like the spreader is mounted on a jrco mounting bracket, is that correct?. I assume it is a electric spreader how and can you take a push type spreader like a lesco rotory and mount it so it would work. I have a lesco 100# model.
  8. KLMlawn

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    This is where I mounted the control box ... right on the front side of the dash panel for easy access. It is electric operated directly off the battery.
    Tony, honestly, talk to LGF ... he has a PermaGreen if I remember correctly, and he has some issues with it and from looking at it, so would I ... it is a powered spreader with a two wheeled sulky. I have stood on one but not operated it, but from my breif encounter, it didn't seem to be a comfortable machine to operate, whereas I am already used to the ride and control of the Wright Tractor design and setup, so a Z-spray or similar concept is easier for me to adapt to, plus, I basically already had one :D
    As to the attaching of the spreader itself, yes, wriken is correct, I already had the JRCO bar mounted for my tine-rake dethatcher, was about the right height and gave enough clearance from the motor, placed the gate levers in a fairly easy spot to reach, etc.
    Basically, all that was needed was two square type U-bolts, and two self tapping sheet metal screws for the control box on the front of the dash and it was on. Now I can spread seed and let the tines set it all in one operation ... a big time saver!
    The only thing different I would do next time is NOT buy the Spyker ... I would seriously look at a stainless Lesco Truckster spreader with the Mark 2 hopper and operating lever design. I believe it would give you better control of the flow and application rate of material as well as be about $200-$300 cheaper.
    Wriken ... I would not even begin to think about converting a w/b spreader for this purpose, it would just be better to go and get a dedicated electric spreader and mount it correctly. Not trying to bang your head against a wall trying to reconfigure it to work as well as trying to get an electric motor to mount correctly and get the spinner in the right spot. Some things are worth toying with, and some are not ....

  9. cantoo

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