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coverup in action

cool machine

Plowing would have been much easier and alot less damage, just sayin
Yeah I know but we use PVC in my area no plowing, hardpan clay, rock, tree roots etc, no distributors sell plow supplies(JDL, Hughes/HDSupply etc...
Had a friend who tried plowing and sold his plow for a Dingo with trencher...
A Ditchwitch 410 makes easy work out of hard pan, even with PVC. You just have to have the right tools :)
like I have said before pullers come and go really fast in my area, even the sub-contractors for Charter cableTV dont last long even pulling cable tv..
I just did another install for a customer that I did over 12 years ago who just moved back from Kansas, he said "they pulled in my last system in Kansas but you cant pull here" and we both laughed....