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    There is nobody on the business side, so I'll have to ask here. I will be getting my business liscense in about 2 weeks and my start up money. I figuered the first thing I should do is see a CPA. What should my questions be and what are my first prioritys? If every guy had a forum like this before he started his business, I think there would be a lot more success.
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    Why would a anyone need a CPA just to cut grass?
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    Shows how much you know about this business.
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    I've found part of your answer in past threads. Hope this helps!!

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    That didn't work, just go to the search site and look for "CPA/Bookkeepers". You will find your answer.
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    Do you have a business plan or know what you need help with?

    Before you go talk to a CPA sit down and try to get a plan down and questions that you need help with.

    If you are a new prospective client, many CPA's will give you the initial consultation free or at a substantial discount.

    Sit down and jot down as much in writing as you can think of before you go see them. That will help you ask meaningful questions and get more for you money when dealing with your advisors, whether CPA, lawyer, etc.

    The CPA can help you with tax id numbers and other filings you might need to take care of, but the better prepared you are, the better they can help you.

    If you have been working already, take him the records that you have. It might also be helpful for him to see your prior tax returns.
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    I know this is not easy to find....but it makes a difference.

    There are business advisors out there who are both attorneys and accountants.

    If you can find one knowledgeable about small business practices and needs, it is worth every cent - especially if you can come to terms for a retainer fee.

    Bruce's advice was on the money too. Be prepared and remember, they work for you!
  8. Here is a start for you.

    First what do you intend to do?

    What do you want to do? (Intensions and want don't always both happen)

    What do you need in equipment?

    What will taxes run?

    What licenses do you need?

    What will your Insurance cost?

    What will your gas cost?

    What will your equipment cost?

    What clients do you want to persue?

    Now what will you have to offer them?

    What sets you apart from......................

    The CPA will beable to give you some pretty good figures and get you a solid plan to fallow.

    This is their business so if they get personal with questions don't get offended, they want to know your spending habbits, and ability to budget.

    They will put you on a budget also.

    When you done let em go to work, and put what they offered to you to work.

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