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Crab Grass.. Dead Lawn....Reseed Calls? HELP? Estimate Tuesday!


LawnSite Member
I started out last season mainly with mowing and hedge trimming, fall clean up etc.. basically the easy stuff but slowly my customer base is growing and this is my first spring with at least 25 customers on my list... I have an overwhelming number of people who want to reseed their whole lawn.. I have never done this...most customers have some grass but mainly crab grass.. I have no idea how much to charge or the best plan of attack?.. Do i till all the old grass do I spray it and kill it then put down top soil?? I have an estimate on tuesday and don't want to have to refer them to someone else..? I am in the New England area..most of these customers claim they have tried patching certain spot but had no luck... also what type of warranty if any should i give the customers on the job?



LawnSite Silver Member
If the customer has already tried getting grass to grow & it didn't, you might have some underlying issues either from watering or soil conditions. You might consider taking a soil sample & having it analyzed.

Since weeds are a problem, you will probably need to kill everything first with round-up. Follow this by verticut, bag, aerate, & then overseed.

Shady Brook

LawnSite Bronze Member
I think I would do a lot of reading before doing any estimates. You say they are mostly crabgrass...I feel it is safe to say that there is no crab grass in Mass this time of year. What is the soil like, clay, sand, dirt? What are the light conditions of each property? How bad is the lawn's condition, ie. can you over-seed, or is it a start from scratch situation? If it is determined that weeds, or grass must be killed prior to seeding, how long do you have to wait to seed. Most chemicals have a residual time period where seeding should not be done. You are not licensed to apply herbicides, so you can not even kill the weeds yourself, but must hire it out. What kind of seed will work in the areas in question?

Do lots of research before taking hard earned cash from folks who trust you. Make sure you develop a relationship where their trust is well founded.

Good luck.