crab grass killer


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I live in the Chicago area, but what I tell all my customers is apply it when the Forsythia bloom. Forsythia's are bushes with bright yellow flowers and are one of the first to bloom in the Spring. Usually here, its early April. As far as which to use, they are all decent as long as it's PROPERLY applied and watered in by rainfall or by you sprinkling.

Josey Wales

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Tulsa Oklahoma
Fort Collins is north of Denver right?

You're going to be in a crabgrass germination zone that borders zone 4 and 5 which means anywhere from April to June.

I would put down your pre emergent in April and put it down at the highest recommended rate to ensure good residual action or make two apps, one in April and one in June.

Try using something with an active ingredient of Prodiamine (Barricade), Benefin (Balan), or Pendimethalin (Pre-M).

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