crab grass pre-emergent

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by williams lcm, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. williams lcm

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    With the warmer temp do you think its a good idea to put it down now? I have heard of putting it down in Feb and then another app 60days after the my first application.
  2. bugsNbows

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    IMO, no. We still have a pretty good chance of having cold weather in Feb. (frosts and / or freezes). Depending on the product(s) utilized, the earlier your initial application is applied the earlier it will "play out" later on.
  3. Landscape Poet

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    A couple of things I think you should think about IMHO. The soil temps in our area currently are in the mid to upper 60's according to fawn and have been for awhile now, I am not aware if they have dropped significantly in the last month....with all that said it is my understanding that crabgrass can start germinating when soil temps reach 60 degrees for a week or more. So there is a possibility that the crabgrass has already started to germinate I would guess.

    Second, beware of the pre's as if you are not familiar with them or you are not accurate with you application rates you can cause looping which could effect your lawns appearance in a manner which you may not have considered. Myself when I was doing my own lawn found Pre Emergents can be a little tricky.

    I am assuming you are doing the application to your own lawn so have you had large issues with CG in the past or why do you feel the need to apply a pre?
  4. Landscape Poet

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    BugsNbows do your recall getting a later freeze like suggested anytime recently? In the years I have been here I have not seen it occur but I know there is a chance as our no freeze date is mid march.
  5. turfmd101

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    This sums it up well for pre-m. I don't believe germination is yet a problem for anyone not over watering and keeping the soil fairly dry 2"- 3" deep. I think they have a good chance if applied and properly watered in before rains return. Anyone who has panic watered because its been so dry is definitely going to have CG. Even if we have a late frost/freeze I don't believe CG will be exposed enough to become greatly effected. Just my opinion...
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  6. williams lcm

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    I have been applying (Halts- crab grass pre-emergent from Lowes). I have 1 customer that pays me to put this down in his yard twice between Feb and April. He has true green but he thinks that they dont put enough of the pre-emergent down. I told him that i do not want to do this but he slips me a great amount of cash to put it on his lawn. He is a fussy old guy but has the best looking lawn. He calls true green monthly to make sure that they put extra fert down. If he thinks true green missed a spot while fertilizing then he will call the true green manager to get the guy back out.

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