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  1. oabdu123

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    Will a early spring application of Corn Gluten Meal hinde a spring overseed and aeration?
  2. phasthound

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    Probably. Why do you ask?
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    Do not forget the quick method to a perfect lawn. Sod.
    A good sod farm will have a crew that can remove the old grass and lay new sod in a couple hours. Quick just sign your name--on a check.
    If you don't mind paying just a bit more, get it from a top-quality sod farm. Distance is no problem--they have trucks. You can get the newest, thickest, most disease-resistant and most dense variety. You want stadium-quality sod. Treat it right and crabgrass will not have a chance.

    DeLea sod farm for instance. Near you. They supply the sod for Yankee Stadium.

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