Crabgrass.. Acclaim, Drive.. WHAT!??

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by GTLAWNSERVICE, Jun 20, 2002.


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    This year we got some Acclaim Extra and used it on about 15 properties.. Every one had growth stunted and allot of yellowing. (I know it says so in the label) I was curious if someone can tell me how to speed up the growth again and if these effects subside within a few weeks??? Customers are not happy and neither am I.

    ALSO.. Does anyone know of a good Post Emergent for treating crabgrass.. Other than Acclaim.

    Thanks Guys!

  2. Tordonista

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    ISK Biosciences Bueno6 does pretty good.
    Dimension has some fair post-emergent effects on crab if you catch it early.

    MATTHEW LawnSite Senior Member
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    I don't get much crabgrass to deal with, but if I did, I would go with Drive. If I remember right, the grass turns purple before withering as opposed to yellow from Acclaim. Plus, you can hit broadleaf weeds and get results.
  4. tremor

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    Hi Jeremy,

    Acclaim damage in Maine this early in the season?

    I'm in southern Coastal CT, where Crabgrass is still so small (3-5 leaves in untreated lawns) that rates of Acclaim would be .33 oz/1000 right now. There might be a few really odd areas that would require .5 oz. On a good stand of Blues or Ryes, there wouldn't be any damage to those grasses, at these rates, right now.

    What rate did you use? What kind of grasses turned brown? Are we sure that turf didn't just run out of N? Maybe a turf disease?

    Maybe we learned nothing from all the Crabgrass threads that were posted here last year. Bueno 6 is MSMA & is the most likely "grassy weed herbicide" to cause damage to the turf. That siad, MSMA is still a good tool to have when Crabgrass is young. RATE IS THE KEY.

    Drive 75 is really only "better" because it has more uses. It controls some broadleaf weeds (Acclaim & MSMA don't), and it sets up a short residual pre-emergent barrier. That's cool, but it's not always desirable. I haven't noted that Drive does a better job of controlling Crabgrass than Acclaim. Faster, but not better.

    I think this all boils down to identifying the pest properly. Then choosing the right tool for the job that needs to be done & using it correctly.

  5. Kent Lawns

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    Drive 75 is awesome! WAY better than Acclaim, absolutely no comparison.

    It works faster,

    it turns the crabgrass purple instead of yellow.

    It poses less of turf injury risk.

    It's a SELECTIVE pre-emergent for your hydroseed blends.

    It controls broadleaf weeds.

    Etc., Etc. - It's the greatest turf herbicide ever made.

    Your customers will love it and so will you.
  6. GroundKprs

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    A couple of years after Acclaim came out, I had the problem of stunting the bluegrass. This lasted for up to 6 weeks. Mfr rep identified the problem as lower temps when applied. I think I was using high rate, and our weather had suddenly gone mild in late June. At lower temps, the bluegrass is actively growing, therefore absorbs more of the Acclaim, and is more likely to be stressed.

    At higher temps, cool season grasses are barely functioning, and absorb very little of the Acclaim, even at maximum rates.

    Since that experience, I have applied Acclaim when temps are at least mid-80s, and have had no problems. Also by applying at higher temps, the target hot weather weeds are aggressively metabolizing, absorb the herbicide better, and you get a quicker kill.
  7. I mix liquid Iron in my spot sprays to compensate.

    This helps keep the stuff you are not killing green.

    Faromec AC

    I have yet to try Drive, have used Acclaim and was disapointed at $425 a gallon.

    Belive it or not I have had great luck with MSMA.
  8. EJK2352

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    Drive 75 is the best post emergent I have used to date. I used Trimec Plus in the past and it worked well but the Drive 75 works alot faster and doesn't yellow the turf.:) :( :) ED
  9. tremor

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    I won't argue that Drive isn't the best herbicide for Crabgrass overall. Like I said. It has more uses. It's also not that much more costly than Acclaim. Just watch out if overseeding is in the near future. I never said it wasn't the best. But it still doesn't do a "better" job of eliminating crabgrass post-emergently. In this category, I feel it controls the same percentage of crabgrass. It just does it faster.

    Acclaim is very slow. More people needlessly retreat Acclaim applications than probably any herbicide available. Two weeks is normal. Three is possible. To reaaply before 3 weeks is irresponsible. I've never seen "properly applied" Acclaim fail to control crabgrass.

    There is a reduced level of crop tolerence. I'll buy that one. But I've seen "hot" phenoxy herbs & triclopyr all do the same thing. All last week too! Especially when applicator experience is questionable.

    Last time now. It all boils down to applicator skill, crop, & environment (timing).

  10. dwost

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    I have some MSMA that I've used before but as everyone here has mentioned, was turned off by the yellowing of the grass. If I was going to be using a regular pump sprayer for spot applications what is the concentration of both the MSMA and Iron that you are using? Also, what liquid Iron product? Thanks for your help.

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