Crabgrass control before seeding.... Problem

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by, Apr 2, 2006.

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    I know what is supposed to be done I am just checking to see if anyone has had any other experience with this problem and what you do, or did.

    Customer who does their own fert wants a bid on renovations to reseed many bare areas. I give them the quote and get the job and then find out another person applied the crabaside. I had told the person I talked to NOT to apply the first treatment and that I would and gave them the price for an application safe for new seeding. Now that the crabaside is applied what would you do???? Walk away or try to till up and seed after the application is watered in?
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    if he really wants seed , then stick to your plan, mybe bring in some soil while tilling. i had the same problem but i just explained to the customer that sod would probably be the best chance for survival. he went for it, now have to resod more because he lost lots to grubs(he didn't make any apps last year):hammerhead: good luck
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    Since the crabgrass pre-em is already down, what I would do is tell them it would be best to do the seeding in late summer/early fall. It's too iffy on whether they will get the results they are paying to see given this chemical is now in the soil . I wont do any service when I think there is at least a good chance that the actual results may fall short of customer expectations. It just creates too much of a headache if it has to be re-done.

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