Crabgrass control on new lawn

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by dsperlling, Mar 11, 2006.

  1. dsperlling

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    I planted a bermuda lawn by hydro-mulch in July 2005 in Fort Worth. The instructions that came with the hydro-mulch warned against using any weed killer for one year. Unfortunately the lawn has spots of crabgrass. Is it OK to use crabgrass preventer on this 10 month old lawn? How about using broad-leaf weed killer as well? Overall, the lawn seems healthy and is starting to green up already thanks to the warm winter.

    Thanks for the help.
  2. J Hisch

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    If the lawn is well established, I would say yes go ahead and use what you need to. However once you begin a good fertilization plan more than likely the Bermuda will control most weeds, except when its dormat.
  3. Norm Al

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    why would you use crabgrass preventer on a lawn that has crabgrass?

    try this product it works contrary to people in here thinking it is a marketing gimick
  4. Agri-AFC

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    As long as the lawn is established, it's ok to begin making weed control applications. There are many products to choose from to control crabgras and broadleaf weeds so pick a product that you think will give you the best control. This fall and next spring begin using pre-emergent herbicides to control weeds.
  5. westwind

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    A light application of Drive may help. Lesco product.
  6. ThreeWide

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    You might need to have someone verify that what you have is crabgrass. I would be VERY surprised to see crabgrass this early in the season.

    It is just now germinating in the warmer climates.

    Either way, you should apply a preemergent now to prevent crabgrass.
  7. quiet

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    I agree with Turf Unltd's question, are you sure it's crabgrass? Despite the warmth, it's still awfully early for crabgrass, but it's been a very warm winter.

    Last year was a tough year to establish a lawn; red hot and bone dry. And bermuda sucks down nitrogen like you wouldn't believe. You'll need 5 apps during the growing season even for common bermuda.

    Personally, I would fertilize now, pre-m around Easter, fert again around May 1.

    I'm assuming you are a homeowner. Use Scotts Southern Turf Builder for the year. Add Ironite (for the micros) if you know a good rain is coming.

    For your pre-m, find a product with Dimension or Barricade if you can, but they usually come in combo products with low quality fertilizers . . . Scotts Halts or Lesco's 0-0-7 Pre-M are readily available, but both are Pendimethlin products - major root pruners.

    Pull the weeds for now. Get those roots established on the turf first! I've just got a feeling it'll be hot and dry in Foat Wuth this summer!
  8. Agri-AFC

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    There are plenty of companies out there besides Lesco that provide LCO's with the products they need. Just a thought.

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