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Crabgrass help


LawnSite Senior Member
What product do you use for crabgrass?
The problem is the so-called pros in town that are doing this app in the spring to my customers.
I have never seen so much crabgrass as the last couple of years . I am telling my accounts to dump these bozos and find someone to do the job right but I can't recommend anyone. I have only been doing granular fertilizers so far and was wondering if I should do crabgrass control myself.
Products that work? Pre-emergent's that work? How much should I charge per/1000 ft?
Thanks for your input.

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Go to the Pesticide forum. Look under the "acclaim" thread.


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Well i know the grabgrass killer that ortho makes works. Put it in a tank sprayer. Or granuler green has a weed killer that kills weeds an grabgrass. That grabgrass is hard to kills. And the other is never thatch in the spring. That is how you get alot of grabgrass in the summer. So allways thatch in the fall.


Richard Martin

LawnSite Fanatic
Greenville, NC
TwoToros wrote:

<i><b>The problem is the so-called pros in town that are doing this app in the spring to my customers. I have never seen so much crabgrass as the last couple of years</i></b>

You must live in the Northeast. If you do then it's not a problem of putting down enough pre-em or at the right time. I think the deluge of rain and warm winters are catching up to us. Crabgrass is normally an annual weed that is killed off in the winter by cold temperatures. Since we have not had a "normal" winter in a few years (they have been warm winters) not all of the crabgrass is dieing off in the winter. Pre-em is useless against established crabgrass. Take a few warm winters, add massive amounts of rain like we've had this year and you've got crabgrass infestation. It's not your fault or that of the pros in your area.


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I luv crabgrass! as long as it's in my customers yards, of course!

as we are mostly rural, it's green like the other grass but needs constant cutting.

now...if I could just get my neighbors to do something about their crabgrass!


Acute Cut

LawnSite Senior Member
Bellingham WA
You said that you should thatch in the fall. I thought it was only in the spring..... Did a thread on it not too long ago. Am not picking, just curious how you can pull that off and still have it look good. I have about 10 people that want dethatching, but i said no till the spring. If i could do it now...... $$$$$$$$$$ :)
Have a good one yall
Good thread.

Acute Cut


LawnSite Senior Member
South West PA
A lot of crabgrass pops up along edges, heat from the pavement helps them along. Also, that grass is often scalped by trimmers, and under thin, making it more succeptable.

Put down your favorite Pre-emergent in your first or second app, then on your next app, take a 2 gal. hand can and hit the edges.