Crabgrass in newly seeded lawn

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by vtb, Jun 30, 2011.

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    I have a lawn that was seeded in early May, and I have a lot of crabgrass spreading through out the front and back lawn. I took the time and effort to water pretty well the first few weeks (to help the seed germinate and all), but have stopped in the past two weeks. I've noticed there is much less crabgrass on the sides of the property, where there is more shade. The desired grass grows much thicker where it is shaded from the sun. Last weekend I spent two hours pulling the largest clumps of crabgrass out of the lawn.

    Overall the yard has filled in pretty well, I just would like some advice on how to get it to grow thick and lush (it seems to be thin where it gets full sun). I have only mowed twice, and the second time was because the weeds seemed to be growing faster than the lawn. I cut at a height of 3 inches.

    Any advice on fertilizing, weed and feeds, mowing height, etc.? I am in central PA if that helps.
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    you should have used a pre emergent to totaly avoid this problem all together and used a fertilizer high in potasium.

    make sure your really mowing at 3 inches, i dont care if you have to take a ruler to it, don't go by the spec on your mower.

    you can use MSMA to take out the current crabgrass but you need to be certified.

    take a soil sample and fertilize accordingly using urea for fast results.
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    No more MSMA for use on residential lawns. There are two newer products that may be used on recently planted lawns for control of crabgrass. Yes, they are also only for use be certified professionals.
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    You can continue to overseed throughout the growing season... Pre-m would have worked had you used the expensive tupersan type stuff that won't also kill your grass seedlings...

    Crabgrass likes the hot sunny areas with thin grass, and not so agressive in shadier areas... that's just normal..

    I would mow as high as you can without the grasses laying down and suffocating their neighbors... Wouldn't put down N in the heat of summer... Be sure to do a good overseeding in the fall, so the new seed is ready to take over as the CG starts dying out...

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