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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by Smallaxe, Mar 26, 2012.

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    That brings up a good point. Does Dimension really kill crabgrass in the early stages? Liquid or granular? At what rate? Until crabgrass is one inch long? Two inches tall?
    Reading the label carefully. "Post emergence control is limited." You must use the higher rate to get post emergence control, 4.1 pounds per thousand(19-2-11) for high cut turf. More, if low cut, not treated last year, or for transition zone. At one point the label says it will work up to 4 weeks after germination. And they say crabgrass is seldom noticed in its early stages.
    Maybe I can test this.
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    I think your test will show that the granular form has minimal control at best on germinated crabgrass. Liquid however, should show complete knock down thru the 2-3 leaf stage (very hard to see unless on bare dirt)

    At least this is what my field experience has shown. Once it passes the 2-3 leaf stage I will spike the liquid dimension with a 1/4-1/2 rate of acclaim for knockdown and long term control (usually only on new or late sign ups this is needed)

    Good luck, let us know how you make out..
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    I ordered barricade this year having no clue how early a spring we would have. I think we still have time for the barricade to be effective but time is runningout quick. I have been applying liquid dimension along with the granular fert/barricade. My auxillary tank on my zspray has the dimension so I can use it sparingly (pricey stuff). I've only been spraying edges of walks and drives 8' in. Only areas where I have seen it before or where there is plow damage.

    Supposed to be a low of 20 tonight so now I'm wondering if the frost will knock out any CG that started to germinate. Would assume so. :confused:

    I hate crabgrass.
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    Still no signs of CG here in Central Wisco... Now that we are back in seasonal temps, I don't imagine we'll be seeing any until around Memorial Day, as normal... Frost possible, 4 out of the next 10 days...

    I check for it in the open tilled garden, where the soil will be warmed first, then I figure it could come up in the thin lawns shortly...

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    You guys might want to look in to a product like Cavalcad PQ or Echelon.

    These products have both pre and post emergent .

    Cavalcade PQ has Drive in it.

    And Echelon has Prodiamine and Dismiss.

    There was a article in turf magazine about thee products a couple months back.

    Charles Cue
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    Looking for a good low cost pre-emergent but definitely liquid.
  7. ant

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    i am in the same boat as you.. did u do the liquid?i used the 4l at .5 oz/m at a rate of 1/2 gal per m

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    Yesterday was the first day that i have been home that it wasn't dark or raining in a month.

    I Was cleaning up some rocks that were used to hole down a cover over fire wood. And what did i see but little CrabGrassers. Than later on i was walking back from my building and there was some growing along side the road where there was no grass.

    Better buy stock in Drive

    Charles Cue
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    Yes, putting out 4FL, .5 oz/k in 1.5 gal water pre k. About 2 1/2 weeks left before I planned on putting it away. Man I am going to be pushing the envelope, but no cg here yet.
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    Weeds were coming out by the 23rd or so of March....

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