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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by chimmygew, Oct 29, 2004.

  1. chimmygew

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    What is everyone's opinion on liquid pre-em for crabgrass? I was thinking of using it next year instead of granular due to it being so much cheaper to apply. What experience do you or have you guys had going this route?
  2. James Cormier

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    If your gonna spray it what are you going to spray it with? You say cheaper to apply then granular but in the long run maybe not.

    IMO liquid crabgrass spray needs to be no less than 1 gallon per K for a carrier, I dont think the low volume ride ons will not give good results.

    So now if your gonna spray with a tank, what are you gonna do about fert? Spread it after you spray? well now you increase your time to do the app , so it doesn't become cheaper to apply.

    Mix in some fert to your tank, well that okay if you have the proper filling system and liquid fert storage area. Also if your using a poly tank with jet agitation, then you will not have good luck with granular fert in your tank.

    So most likely spraying is not cheaper, but I do believe you get better results with liquid prem apps. I just dont want the hassle of pulling hoses , driving around with 300gallons of juice everyday, filling each morning, and cleaning and rebuilding spray systems several times a year.
  3. chimmygew

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    I was figuring of mixing in a good dose of liquid iron with it.
  4. I believe you get better control with liquid pre emerge, and on gc fairway"s, we sprayed pre emerge with 12-15 gpa, 30 psi, with low drift flat fan nozzle's

    Liquid doesn't need to be watered in, or rained on to be effective!
  5. TSM

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  6. James Cormier

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    I do agree liquid works better or should I say you get better coverage, but you still need to water the liquid app in.

    Tim, I think you really know your stuff with turf, but one problem with comparing golf turf with lawn care, is you got perfect conditions, and your in control of watering & mowing, where as with lawn care, your at the mercy of the customer and timing, because we gotta do so many lawns to be profitable.

    I think its hard to compare. Ive know a few golf supers that just couldnt make it in lawn care because they where so use to being in control of those factors.

    I guess you could spray the iron in with the pre m, but what are you using for the sprayer, I will still stand behind the statement that low volume prem sprays dont work as well as granular. I think the ideal spray volume would be 1.5-2 gallons per k So you need a good size spray tank to be efficient.

    so in the real world you need to balance efficiency/results/profitability, thats why granular combo products have become the most popular
  7. Dman1214

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    Jim, u can't be suggesting Timturf is not living in the real world, can U? LOL
  8. James Cormier

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    Hey dont try to get something started here :)

    Im sure I wouldnt make it a month trying to take care of a bentgrass green ;)
  9. dman1214, and Jim,

    Are you say I'm not living in the real world? Yes, I do lve in the real world, but my time on gc was so much different than now when I'm in lawncare!

    Jim, I do agree that gc supers have more control, and can better manage what mother nature dishes out!!!!!!!!!!!! Much more difficult to accomplish control in lawn care, you have so little control!!!!!!!!!!!

    been a long time since I sprayed bensulide or pendamelthin on gc fairways, and I used to wait until the last minute, ( I watched soil temps) to maximize length of control, BUT I still believe neither product hade to be water in!!!! Yes, 30 acres was no problem in one day, even with golfers on course!

    Granulars need to be watered in either by rain or irrigation, due to the fact pre emerge is coated on a carrier!!!!!!!!! This isn't a case with a liquid application!
  10. James Cormier

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    Tim, Its been a long time since Ive sprayed pend, or I think we use to spray daconate??? but If I remember correcttly you still needed to water in the app. Of course I could be wrong,

    I do have a 10 gallons of liquid dimension in the shop, I will read the label next week, but I believe it also calls for watering in after treatment for pre control, you do get some post control ( or so they say ) and you dont want that watered in.

    And yes I know you live in the real world, that comment wasnt pointed at your directly, its just Dman trying to start trouble :)

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