Crabgrass Pre-emerge?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Jeremy1592, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. Jeremy1592

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    I'm looking for a pre-emergence that contains no fertilizer, just the pre-emerge. Have flower beds (they don't really look like that right now) that are full of crabgrass. I have pulled by hand all that I could, but couldn't get it all. I would like to put something besides round-up (unless I find that's the best option) on it. Have lots of shrubs and plants to go around, so will all be done by hand. This project is beds approximately 1700 linear feet and average 4 feet wide.
  2. gregory

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    snapshot or freehand...
  3. CRQualityMowing

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    Snapshot. I've had good results for the whole growing season.
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  4. Turf Dawg

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    The Crabgrass will die with a good frost. You are also going to have and get them cleaned before a pre emergent is going to do you any good.
  5. Ric

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    A benefit we don't aways have here in South Florida. Crab Grass will survive from season to season. Of course it puts out Millions of seeds each year that help keep it going. The Tree Huggers got all our good stuff for weeds in St A.

  6. Yup, even if we get a freeze, the CG comes right back the next year. I have learned to love with it. I cut high, water properly, and it still shows up.
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  7. Turf Dawg

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    That would suck. That is one of the nice things about a couple of good frost, even the ones that were eat up with it can be kept clean with pre m the next year.
  8. White Gardens

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    That and it doesn't really appear until the first of June or a bit later.

  9. Jeremy1592

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    This is in the beds, not in the yard. I don't have the cutting options. I've hand pulled all of the beds, I'm just trying to do everything possible to minimize this stuff. I have no crabgrass issues in the lawn.

    This is a sad situation where the builder put in far too much landscaping and the facility doesn't want to spend the money to take care of it. I've now gotten their attention, and am getting some things done. Slowly but surely...
  10. RigglePLC

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    Drive can be used around some shrubs. Use the pre-emergent like suggested above twice, and followup with spot sprays of Drive. If needed, use careful spot sprays of Roundup. You may need to cover the good plants with a plastic bag or tarp while you spray around the base. Do not dig out crabgrass. Cut the crabgrass plants off flush with a saw knife. The roots do not sprout, (much).

    Just my opinion.

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